Saturday, November 12, 2016

Post Trump

In my early 20s I longed for the days when causes were worthy.  When going to war had a meaning.  As a hopeless romantic I lived and breathed for the antics of those brave artists and all others that took to the front to defend freedom and justice.  I am now officially in my late thirties, old and not so full of hope but still full of belief.  With the rise of neo fascistic tendencies in the world, comes the memory of a promise made in my 20s.  To fight for what's right if the need arises.  I no longer want to photograph horror and injustice, I'd rather change the world by making people happy with my pictures.  I am afraid and I am tired but if a second Spanish Civil War scenario arises I will take to arms and bring my camera to the front.  I will fight for what's right.  A decade of setbacks has taken a lot from me but not my hunger for a fair world.  It's never too late to resume changing the world; now it's my time.

I hope it doesn't come down to armed conflict because I know I won't last a second but still, I will go and I will die in the name justice and fairness.  Once you make a promise it doesn't just fade away.  I must admit I am scared.