Monday, October 09, 2006

All packed up!

Tonight I'm off to Brasil. It will be my first time on the Southern Hemisphere. My bag is ready, and my gear is packed up.
I'll be in Brasil from Oct. 9 2006 to Nov. 15, 2006
Nikon F4s, Nikon F2as, Zoom-Nikkor 20~30mm/2.8, Nikkor 35mm/1.4, Micro-Nikkor 55mm/2.8, Zoom-Nikkor 80~200/2.8, Nikkor 105mm/2.5, Nikon SB-25, Nikon SB-28, Leica M4-P w/ Summicron 50mm/2.0, Light meters, Digital point & shoot, assorted cables and filters. About 50 rolls of 35mm film.


Flip said...

Yo Rick have a blast in Brasil. Sorry I didn't get to see ya on Sunday. Bring back some good pics.

Flip Tales

sophie said...

rick man i need your number! miss you and have a kick ass time in Brasil

mike said...

You crazy bastard. Get me a helper monkey while you're down there. What are they, like $30-$40 USD? Let me know and I'll wire you the money and my P.O. Box. Thanks!